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Book Review on “A Raisin in the Sun” by: Lorranine Hansberry.

In the book “A Raisin in the sun” there is 156 pages. As someone once said “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”  Although it is my distinct belief that Lorranine Hansberry intended for the reader to learn how to prepare for our future by recalling the failures and heartaches of our recent past was it completely developed in the title emulating Langston Hughes ” A Dream Deffered”.  The story entangles every American dream to some depth Home ownership, Education and Proprietary values all in one casing.  While the story did give food for thought in my opinion the question was asked but never answered ” Does it shrivel up like a raisin in the sun?”
The mother Mamma Younger as most African American women responsible and integral feels the need to shelter while instilling love and value within her offsprings and her offsprings children.  She see the world as cruel and calous and believes that everything should stand for something.  While she believes that the death benefit is nothing compared to the life of her husband and what he in fact could have instilled she feels its only humane to allow his last right and benefit serve as a benefit towards his entire family and since he was the families back bone and provider what better use could the money provided after his untimely death be than to secure the families well being and small portion of the American Dream of home ownership. You understand the mothers plight and the level of her nurturing by the way she cares for the plant and knows how describe all of its needs.
Although the sister Beneatha does not believe that she has assimilated she actually has to some degree in that she completely envelopes the process as it relates to status quo and the American culture and the dream of becoming a Doctor contrary to the struggle of the oppressive circumstances in which they have always been accustom to living.  You see her transition as you recognize that hair goes from straight to natural.
Now Walter is the character that ignited my soul in this story he is rhetorical.  His desire to provide for his family without any common sense or classical knowledge.  His ability to make bad a selfish decisions in the name of the family.  His innate sense of being a burden when his heart is telling him to be a good provider, brother, son, husband and father.  This is the trouble and difficulty of today and in that nothing has changed much when comes down to overcoming the burden of inequality and discrimination.
In conclusion,the answer to the question being posed and proded on is yes a dream deffered will shrivel up like a raisen in the sun.  I learned that if you are to make it in this world you have to not only dream big but you have to begin working on the dream and keep the dream alive and moving less the dream dries up.
I liked this book a lot. There is a lot of life lessons within it . You might not can point out them out right off the dome you actually have to think into it. That’s why this is a great book to read. Plus as a perks there is a movie of the book.

Book Review on “The Help by:Kathryn Stockett”

The book The Help by:Kathryn Stockett has 464 pages and 34 chapters.

This book is about black maids that live in Jackson,Mississippi in the year 1962.Through out the book the works have always been feed up with some of there employers.There are three main characters Aibleen a black maid who works for Mrs. Leefolt, Minnie also a black maid who works for Miss Hilly’s and Skeeter Phelan a white woman who writes.

In the story Skeeter ask Aibleen a few questions on her job because Skeeter wants to write a news paper column.Aibleen was surprised because the way Skeeter was speaking and treating her was respectful and not down grading Skeeter was not racist and was not like the other white woman in Jackson.

Minnie has recently been fired from her job because her employer has accused her of steeling which is not true of course but this will spread around and will be very hard from MInnie to find another job.Long story short Minnie finds someone who hasn’t heard the rumor and gets the job making twice as much as she made before.

Through the story Skeeter comes to the idea where she wants to write a book on the maids lifes and shes going to need Aibleen and Minnies helps.Also other maids.

The women of the Junior League ,the white women that Aibleen and Minnie work for are apart of this group also Skeeter writes from there part in the paper.They are not very happy with this book when it gets out and published and things change I don’t want to spoil it for you guys.

I liked this book alot it shows what really was going on after the civil rights movement and that there was still rasim happening.The story is told from the workers prospective and I liked that a lot. There is also a movie on the book.

“He read this book called Invisible Man. When he done, he says he gone write down what it was like to be colored working for a white man in Mississippi.” (6.181)

“We ain’t… we ain’t doing civil rights here. We just telling stories like they really happen.” (14.169)




Book Review on “To Kill A Mocking Bird” by: Harper Lee

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee was a great book. This book has 281 pages.

To Kill A Mocking Bird is about the Finch family who lives in Macomb,Alabama and experiences different circumstances as others.Recalling that they are living in the South in the year of 1930.The main characters are Scout Finch( narrator ),Atticus (the dad),Jem (Scouts Brother),Dill(Friend) and others.The story is told by little Scout Finch in her 10 year old point of view.She is 6 when the story is first being told. Scout talks about things that are happening or were happening in her neighborhood like racism,rape and other traumatic things.She learners about this things at a very young age.Atticus Scouts father is a lawyer. Who doesn’t make much money because they live in a really poor town.Scouts and Dem’s mother passed away.So they have a housekeeper named Calpurnia who takes care of the two while there father is at work.Dill is Scouts and Dems friend who is there neighbor for the summer.The three reach out and wants to know what really happened to Mr.Radley n the Radley house that the neighbored kids and people often spread roamers about.The story heats up in the middle when Atticus there father defends a black man in court for being accused of raping a white woman.Scout realized thought the story that you will never really know a person without stepping in there place or even getting to know them a little.

“Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.’ That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something, and I asked Miss Maudie about it.
‘Your father’s right,’ she said. ‘Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy…but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

To Kill A Mocking Bird is also a movie even though I loved this book I like to watch the movie version .You really would have to read it to understand it.This boding it.(Its a classic, a must Read.) The book was originally named Atticus js.