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The END of my blogs.

The END of my blogs.

I have had such a great time experiencing reading different blogs. It was cool seeing everyones different opinions on different things. I liked how there are different things that people find the need to talk about.

Blogging kind of reminds me of what the world have come to with all the social media sites. Doing this blog reminded me of Twitter and Facebook. It reminded me of these sites because on there people makes status and tweet of there brain on how they feel just like a blog. Also you can get a lot of information off of these sites as I learned.

I’ve always wanted to do a blog. I would really like to start a Vlog with my boyfriend it would be more fun. If you don’t know what a Vlog is its a video blog that you can put on YouTube. Its the same thing like blogging just in video form.

In my blog on here I really only got the chance to talk about books because this blog was set up for my college English class. In this blog we had to do book reviews of about 4 different books through out the course of the class. Im don’t really a big book fan so I did have a hard time finding and actually do a good review of the book.

If I have ever said that a book was good or giving it a good book review, that means it was actually good. I say this because I am very picky on what I read because I get distracted very easily and bored so if the book kept my interest it had to be a good one.

Im sorry to say that this will be my last blog. Maybe not forever but for awhile. If I ever get my Vlog up and running I would be glad to let you guys know. I had a great time and would hopefully be back on. But until then goodbye for now.

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