What am I reading?

The book that I am going to start to read tomorrow is “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton . I haven’t started reading it yet because I am very busy and I haven’t had time.Honestly I really haven’t started to read it because I didn’t feel like reading yet.Reading isn’t really my thing.So the book has to be very interesting for me to even give it a try.I picked this book because my cousin told me it was a good book and we like most of the same things.So I said why not give it a try.


On the bright side I had a great weekend.I went to Atlanta, Georgia to see my God parents and god sister with my mom.We had a great time.We went to The Battle of the Bands.If you don’t know what that is its when HBCU marching bands compete.I never been before and it was really amazing. Neyo was even there to perform.There were so many people there.It took a lot for us to get there and it was extremely cold outside.My friend is a dancer at BCU and she was there performing in the Battle of the Bands so I got to see her.

After the Battle of the Bands we all went to dinner at this restaurant called Pappadeax. They serve seafood which is really good.If you ever go to Atlanta go there there food is amazing.We all enjoyed dinner and had lots of good laughs.

I love Atlanta a lot and I never realized even though Ive been there a thousand times.I actually am thinking about moving there for school.I think I would enjoy it a lot and it would open a lot of opportunities for me considering that I am a dancer.Plus I really want to go to medical school in Atlanta. Hopefully Emory since my God mom works there.



Book Review on “Holes by: Louis Sachar” 225 pages

In the book Holes by Louis Sachar a young man by the name of Stanley Yelnats who is in his teens is accused of stealing a pair of tennis shoes,and has to go to court.”Stanley was not a bad kid. He was innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. He’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time”.The court then sends Stanley to a boys juvenile detention center called “Camp Green Lake”. Camp Green Lake sounds really good doesn’t, by the way there is no lake its been dry for over a hundred years. At the camp the boys had to dig a hole 5 feet deep each day, hits the title Holes. The warden told the boys that digging builds character which Stanley was a lie.He knew they had to be digging for something and he was going to find out which he did.

This is a great book I actually found a lot of interest in this book unlike others I have read recently. There is a lot of surprises in the book that I was shocked about.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this book.It was easy to read, very clear so I could understand and very entertaining. A lot of kids have read this book or should have in my opinion. A lot of people have told me about his book and how good it was that’s why I decided to finally pick it up and give and it a  try. I would say this book is probably my favorite book now by far.

I would recommend this book to kids in the fourth grade and up. There is a little fowl language but it is very easy to understand. Holes has also gotten a “John Newberry Metal”. That how you know its a great book.


Let me tell you about Rayven.

Ten random facts about Rayven a.k.a Royalty.

  1. People call me Rayv or Royalty. They call me Royalty because it was once my instagram name and I guess it stuck with me. Follow me on Instagrem Btw Dats_Rayv
  2. Im originally from Cleveland,Ohio.The greatest city on earth.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliars is my favorite sports team.
  4. Im very silly and funny.I make everyone laugh but I’m sometimes quite when you first meet me.
  5. Im kind of a hot head.
  6. I love taking pictures.
  7. Im a dancer I’ve been dancing for 14 years in all styles I’m very versatile.
  8. I have green eyes.
  9. I love getting dressed I think I have a unique style.meee
  10. I LOVE shoes I have a lot of shoes but jordans have to be my favorite.9b5b2d99755703ffc0a9a0e2f0d5eaae