Book Review on “The Help by:Kathryn Stockett”

The book The Help by:Kathryn Stockett has 464 pages and 34 chapters.

This book is about black maids that live in Jackson,Mississippi in the year 1962.Through out the book the works have always been feed up with some of there employers.There are three main characters Aibleen a black maid who works for Mrs. Leefolt, Minnie also a black maid who works for Miss Hilly’s and Skeeter Phelan a white woman who writes.

In the story Skeeter ask Aibleen a few questions on her job because Skeeter wants to write a news paper column.Aibleen was surprised because the way Skeeter was speaking and treating her was respectful and not down grading Skeeter was not racist and was not like the other white woman in Jackson.

Minnie has recently been fired from her job because her employer has accused her of steeling which is not true of course but this will spread around and will be very hard from MInnie to find another job.Long story short Minnie finds someone who hasn’t heard the rumor and gets the job making twice as much as she made before.

Through the story Skeeter comes to the idea where she wants to write a book on the maids lifes and shes going to need Aibleen and Minnies helps.Also other maids.

The women of the Junior League ,the white women that Aibleen and Minnie work for are apart of this group also Skeeter writes from there part in the paper.They are not very happy with this book when it gets out and published and things change I don’t want to spoil it for you guys.

I liked this book alot it shows what really was going on after the civil rights movement and that there was still rasim happening.The story is told from the workers prospective and I liked that a lot. There is also a movie on the book.

“He read this book called Invisible Man. When he done, he says he gone write down what it was like to be colored working for a white man in Mississippi.” (6.181)

“We ain’t… we ain’t doing civil rights here. We just telling stories like they really happen.” (14.169)





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