What am I reading?

The book that I am going to start to read tomorrow is “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton . I haven’t started reading it yet because I am very busy and I haven’t had time.Honestly I really haven’t started to read it because I didn’t feel like reading yet.Reading isn’t really my thing.So the book has to be very interesting for me to even give it a try.I picked this book because my cousin told me it was a good book and we like most of the same things.So I said why not give it a try.


On the bright side I had a great weekend.I went to Atlanta, Georgia to see my God parents and god sister with my mom.We had a great time.We went to The Battle of the Bands.If you don’t know what that is its when HBCU marching bands compete.I never been before and it was really amazing. Neyo was even there to perform.There were so many people there.It took a lot for us to get there and it was extremely cold outside.My friend is a dancer at BCU and she was there performing in the Battle of the Bands so I got to see her.

After the Battle of the Bands we all went to dinner at this restaurant called Pappadeax. They serve seafood which is really good.If you ever go to Atlanta go there there food is amazing.We all enjoyed dinner and had lots of good laughs.

I love Atlanta a lot and I never realized even though Ive been there a thousand times.I actually am thinking about moving there for school.I think I would enjoy it a lot and it would open a lot of opportunities for me considering that I am a dancer.Plus I really want to go to medical school in Atlanta. Hopefully Emory since my God mom works there.



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