Let me tell you about Rayven.

Ten random facts about Rayven a.k.a Royalty.

  1. People call me Rayv or Royalty. They call me Royalty because it was once my instagram name and I guess it stuck with me. Follow me on Instagrem Btw Dats_Rayv
  2. Im originally from Cleveland,Ohio.The greatest city on earth.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliars is my favorite sports team.
  4. Im very silly and funny.I make everyone laugh but I’m sometimes quite when you first meet me.
  5. Im kind of a hot head.
  6. I love taking pictures.
  7. Im a dancer I’ve been dancing for 14 years in all styles I’m very versatile.
  8. I have green eyes.
  9. I love getting dressed I think I have a unique style.meee
  10. I LOVE shoes I have a lot of shoes but jordans have to be my favorite.9b5b2d99755703ffc0a9a0e2f0d5eaae

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